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JNR Civil a privately-owned Victorian-based Civil Construction company

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JNR Civil undertake projects across Melbourne and surrounding Victorian areas utilising our experienced team and a comprehensive fleet of plant and equipment.

JNR Civil are able to deploy our resources productively and efficiently to give you your civil construction project on time and on budget.

JNR Civil capabilities encompass Bulk earthworks, Wetland developments, Subdivisions and commercial and residential plumbing and drainage works.

Bulk Earthworks

JNR Civil offers cost-effective bulk earthworks, excavations and site preparations for small to large projects throughout Victoria.

In its 6 years, JNR Civil has established a reputation as an industry leader in efficient bulk earthworks, having completed major earthmoving and site preparation assignments.

Our bulk earthworks capabilities include:

  • Access roads and site preparation
  • Bulk excavations
  • Bulk imported fill
  • Drainage
  • Land clearing
  • Laser levelling
  • Rock work

Our comprehensive fleet of modern plant and machinery ensures that the right equipment is available for all your civil construction projects.

Our bulk earthworks team is experienced in delivering high-quality projects with strict milestone dates and rigid project delivery time frames, whilst ensuring stringent safety and environmental elements are met.

If your civil development project requires bulk earthworks, contact JNR CivilWe service Melbourne and all surrounding areas of Victoria.

Residential Subdivisions and Commercial Subdivisions

JNR Civil has completed residential and commercial subdivisions works in various sizes in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

The JNR Civil team can guide you and provide all the services you require to take your project from start to finish in a timely and cost-effective outcome.

Subdivision developments can often occur in proximity to existing buildings and structures and we work ambitiously to deliver high-quality projects with minimal disruption to the current infrastructure and occupants.

We have considerable experience to manage the challenging combination of bulk earthworks and civil works that can be found at industrial estates for commercial subdivisions and the politics of residential subdivisions.

See how JNR Civil’s Residential Subdivisions and Commercial Subdivisions can help your next project get moving.

Commercial and Residential Plumbing and Drainage

Throughout Victoria, JNR Civil can assist you in building or planning works involving for commercial and residential plumbing and drainage with strict adherence to all plumbing compliance guidelines.

JNR Civil’s managing director Ali Sekman is registered with the VBA in building & plumbing. Jesse Foulsum is a registered Plumber and Gas Fitter. JNR Civil, partnered with Entire Plumbing and Gas are able to meet all of our clients’ requirements for all commercial, civil and domestic plumbing, gas and drainage requirements.

Our management systems are well-developed and are accredited to Australian and international Standards for management Systems.

Our highly skilled workforce uses the latest technology including CCTV & hydro pressure Jet capabilities whilst undertaking plumbing and drainage in all government & private sector requirements.

Give us a call on (03) 9305 2839 or get in touch for your civil commercial or residential plumbing and drainage needs.

Wetland Developments

JNR Civil provides industry-leading environmental construction for wetlands. Australian wetlands are considered some of the most biologically productive ecosystems in the world and we aim to keep this beauty for the ongoing generations of our great country.

We specialise in environmentally focused wetlands development projects for local and state government, industry and the private sectors. Our trained team combine industry best practice, environmental science and practical wetland construction knowledge to ensure the right environmental outcome every time for your project.

Before commencing any civil project, we identify any potential environmental aspects and impacts within your defined scope of works. We transform your vision and scope of works into an environmentally sensitive and fully functioning wetland ecosystem. Wetland developments are one of the most challenging civil projects in the civil construction industry and we comply with all safety and environmental policies.

For your next wetland development project, contact JNR Civil. We are able to service Somerton and all surrounding areas of Melbourne and Victoria.

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